AVAILABLE ONLINE: KASKA TALES – A COLLECTION OF TALES & TRADITIONS BY JAMES TEIT KASKA TALES By James TeitPublished by: The Journal of American Folklore Summary:  The present collection of Kaska tales, together with another one of Tahltan tales, as collected by Mr. J. A. Teit in the seasons of 1912 and 1915 in the … Read more

LFN Language Instagram

Did you know … …Liard First Nation’s Kaska Language Department has a new Instagram account! The account will be used to share short videos to demonstrate pronunciation of Kaska words and phrases. Visit Instagram and search @guzagikeh or click here to go directly to the page: @guzagikeh


Language is one of several program areas that Liard First Nation is administering as part of its core operations. Among other language learning initiatives, the Language Department of Liard First Nation is offering weekly noon hour Kaska language learning sessions. The sessions include lunch and have been popular and are well-attended among Liard First Nation … Read more