The Liard First Nation Health Department offers public health programming and services to all members within Liard First Nation.

In addition, our employees are here to provide support and help LFN members to navigate through available services in the community and the Yukon.

The Liard First Nation Health Department also supports Health Care Provider training to help build local capacity and create good jobs for our members.


The LFN Health Department mission is to provide support to all LFN members and to advocate for healthy living among all the members.  Our vision is to have a healthy community where our youth excel and our members are productive members of society at large. 


The LFN Health Department provides programs and services in these and other important areas listed below. Please check back regularly as programs and training opportunities will change as funding become available.

  • Mental Health, Addiction Prevention and Aftercare
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Healthy Eating and Chronic Disease Control
  • Staff Development (Training, Staff Care, Recruitment and Retention)


LFN offers many programs to our members to encourage them to make healthy food choices.

The following programs are available to LFN members and their families.  Please contact the LFN Health Department for more information and to register.

1. Kaska Cooking Classes

During these classes, you will learn how to make culturally relevant meals, from choosing the right ingredients and shopping for groceries, to how to put it all together and cook a great meal. You will even be provided with the groceries to make the same meal at home for your family.

The following cooking classes will be offered:

  • Cooking Classes for Elders
  • Special Diet Cooking Classes (for people living with Diabetes, Cancer, Liver or Kidney Disease)
  • Cooking Classes for People Who Have Young Children (1 to 5 years old)
  • Make Your Own Baby Food Cooking Classes
  • Cooking Classes for Childbearing Mothers


The LFN Health Department offers the following programs to support our members to stay active and take care of themselves. Please contact the LFN Health Department for more information and to register.

Community Activities

  • Healing Circles
  • Elder Gatherings and Wisdom Sharing
  • Outdoor Cultural activities
  • Camp with Medicine gathering and health workshops
  • Summer & Winter activities for youth
    – Skiing
    – Hockey
    – Football
    – Summer camp


LFN offers the following Diabetes Initiatives for our community:

Diabetes Awareness:

  • Learn all about diabetes and why rates are 3 to 5 times higher in Canadian Aboriginal populations than other communities, together with what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from diabetes.

Foot Care:

  • Nerve damage and circulation problems in the feet are common complications of diabetes that can lead to serious infections. Come get some TLC for your feet.

Healthy eating and cooking workshops:

  • Learn how food can help to control diabetes – and how to cook diabetic friendly, delicious meals.

Exercise classes and walking programs:

  • Regular physical activity helps control weight and blood sugar.  Bring your friends and family members and put the fun back into “exercise.”


Come out and have some fun while learning in these LFN-sponsored workshops on Healthy Sexual Practices to prevent HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Visit the Blood Ties 4 Directions website for more information.

Please contact the LFN Health Department for specific dates and details.


The LFN Health Department helps our members to receive counseling and treatment for addictions and offers programs and services that support ongoing Mental Wellness.

The following programs and services are available to LFN members:

  • Healing Circles for Suicide prevention are held monthly with Elders and trained Mental Wellness workers
  • Counselling
  • Arranging for access to addictions treatment programs outside of our community
  • Help with reintegration after treatment

Please contact the LFN Health Department for details and to register.