Kaska Artist's Design Featured on Gold Coin

Newly-Minted Gold Coin Featuring ‘True North Moose’ Design by LFN Member and Kaska Artist, Miranda Lane Showcased


Further to Yukon Mint Corporation's (Yukon Mint) recent announcement that Ms. Miranda Lane and her original design, True North Moose (Keda), was selected as the Grand Prize Winner in its gold coin design contest – ‘My Kaska Nation’, photographs of the design on the gold coin were recently shared.



To recognize Kaska art, the Yukon Mint™ approved the minting of a Kaska Gold Coin and sought proposals from Kaska artists to design a gold coin. This will be an ongoing series of gold coins with annual contests with coins to be minted in a variety of sizes.


True North Moose (Keda)

Ms. Lane’s submission is based on her original work, True North Moose, and depicts the Moose (Keda) honoured and recognized for all the gifts she provides for her people. The Moose represents hunting, food nutrition, community, sharing, kindness and survival and is found in the North of the medicine wheel, with North representing the place of wisdom. The sun, moon and trees represent the reciprocal arrangement we all have with Mother Earth.


About Miranda Lane

Miranda Lane is a self-taught artist and spiritual intuitive. When she was a child, her grandfather (Mother’s father) Chief Little Jimmy, shared the importance of animal medicine and the value of our interconnectedness with all beings and Mother Earth – these lessons have greatly influenced and contributed to her artistic endeavors. She describes herself as someone who “paints intuitively from the heart, capturing the gifts of Mother Earth, using Spirit animals to deliver messages to help others on their Earth walk”.

Source: Yukon Mint News Release 17-3




Kaska Artist's Design Featured on Gold Coin
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