Available Online: Kaska Tales - a collection of tales & traditions by James Teit

Kaska Tales

By James Teit
Published by: The Journal of American Folklore


The present collection of Kaska tales, together with another one of Tahltan tales, as collected by Mr. J. A. Teit in the seasons of 1912 and 1915 in the region of Stikine River, British Columbia. These two seasons of field-work were devoted to a general ethnological investigation of the Tahltan and Kaska, under the auspices of the Geological Survey of Canada.

The present publication embraces the mythological results of the trips. Other aspects of the ethnology collected by Mr. Teit will be published by the Geological Survey from time to time in the form of special monographs. To facilitate the appearance of Mr. Teit's Tahltan and Kaska tales, the Geological Survey of Canada has authorized its Division of Anthropology to entrust their publication to the American Folk-Lore Society. E. SAPIR, Head of Division of Anthropology, Geological Survey of Canada.

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