Our Communities & Facilities

In Watson Lake, Liard First Nation provides municipal services, maintains community buildings
and operates a rental housing program in four different areas where its members reside:

  • 2 Mile

  • Winded Lake 

  • Upper Liard 

  • Albert Creek/Moon Lake


Municipal Infrastructure Operations & Maintenance Services

The Capital Department of Liard First Nation oversees services related to the operations and maintenance (O&M)
of municipal infrastructure, including;

  1. Electrical Services

  2. Fire Protection

  3. Sanitation

  4. Water

  5. Roads & Bridges

  6. Community Buildings

  7. Solid Waste Removal  

Interested in renting an LFN community facility?

For more information and to book the 2-Mile Community Hall or another LFN community facility, please contact our Capital Manager by phone at (867) 536-5205.