Consultation and Accommodation Manager



Position:                 Consultation and Accommodation Manager

Location:                Whitehorse or Watson Lake (other locations to be considered)

Reporting to:         Council lead for project

Type:                      Contract Position

Salary:                   Commensurate with experience

Closing Date:        Open until filled





This senior position will appeal to a professional experienced in conducting Crown and other consultations on behalf of First Nations asserting aboriginal rights, including aboriginal title. Supported and guided by Kaska and other expert advisors, including legal counsel, the Manager will coordinate and otherwise manage the flow of information and logistics necessary for successful, timely consultations with private and public sector interests. A university degree in a relevant field, preferably at the graduate level, is expected. A sound working understanding of the legal framework that guides consultation and accommodation discussions is important. The Manager will be expected to be trained and to train others, and to mentor and be mentored.


The Manager should be familiar with, or be willing to learn in a timely manner:

  • Yukon land use and natural resource plans and planning processes,
  • renewable and non-renewable natural resource development and management practices,
  • Kaska indigenous laws, traditions, customs and practices
  • LFN policies, procedures and management practices.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Participate as an LFN representative on specific consultation files as needed.
  • Provide technical reviews and coordination of support for proposed land and natural resource applications;
  • Develop budgets and work plans for lands and resource consultations;
  • Development and maintenance of a consultation database system
  • Liaison with Municipal/Provincial/Territorial/Federal land and resource personnel;
  • Liaison with proponents and associated clients;
  • Engage with legal counsel as needed;
  • Work with the LFN leadership and Development Corporations on meeting preparation, logistics, and technical support on all lands and resource files;
  • Become knowledgeable about existing Kaska land use and natural resource data and information, and Kaska Traditional Knowledge;
  • Be familiar with spatial data resources from Kaska, other First Nation and governmental sources.


Education, Training and Experience

  • an undergraduate university degree in a relevant field of study;
  • a working understanding of the legal framework guiding Crown and other consultations with First Nations in Canada;
  • a very high degree of written and oral communication skills in a professional environment, while able to relate and communicate with people of diverse backgrounds;
  • a demonstrated ability to work well in culturally diverse settings that include a range of people from all socioeconomic backgrounds and genders, with ages from youth to elders;
  • a willingness to train and be trained, and to mentor and be mentored;
  • able to travel throughout Yukon and occasionally beyond from time to time;
  • a motor vehicle driver’s license with a satisfactory driving abstract;
  • an ability to work well independently and remotely;
  • Demonstrated ability to work well in teams, and to create and lead teams of other professionals;
  • able to work efficiently, effectively and independently with a minimum of supervision, from Watson Lake and remotely.


Preferred Skills

  • Positive experience working in culturally diverse environments.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Strong computer literacy.


Additional Notes

  • This position can be performed remotely, away from Watson Lake, combined with regular time spent in Watson Lake and other locations.
  • Financial compensation for this contract position is negotiable depending upon qualifications and recent successful work or contracting experiences.



Submit cover letter and resume to the LFN’s Executive Office or email to Preference will be given to LFN members or Kaska members who meet the minimum requirements.

Closing date: 
Tuesday, March 31, 2020