Match Making


Liard First Nation’s Employment Services Office is offering a new labour-matching service to help Watson Lake area employers and community members to accomplish work, including one-time, short duration or temporary work.

While LFN’s Employment Services Office is also interested in receiving traditional employment opportunities from the business community, this initiative is designed to assist clients who are interested in performing paid work but may not yet be in a position to fulfill the requirements of full or even part-time traditional employment positions.

Darcy Laverdure is LFN’s Employment Services Officer. Her role is to assist LFN clients of all types to access opportunities for work – whether short-term, one-time or permanent full-time employment situations. Darcy is inviting businesses and community members to bring forward their specific needs for short-term, temporary or one-time casual employment opportunities and will ‘match’ the opportunity to one of their community clients who is seeking opportunities to perform paid work. 

Darcy then does the legwork of reviewing client portfolios and identifying an ideal client to perform the work. She also takes responsibility for contacting the client to coordinate their arrival at the site to meet the employer or community member and to perform the work. Agreement on price to be paid, when the work should be completed and payment to the individual are negotiated between the worker and employer/community member, however Darcy is available to help mediate these discussions and to ensure that the agreement is clear between both parties. 

The service represents a novel approach to a common problem and not only helps employers to accomplish work, but helps individuals to build the experience, confidence and self-reliance necessary to eventually fulfill the requirements of a traditional employment position. Please reach out to Darcy to learn more about this service and to discuss your needs. 


Darcy Laverdure
Employment Services Officer
Liard First Nation 
tel: 536-5218